Not your ordinary teenage mind

Not your ordinary teenage mind
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Autograph

I was so surprised when a student came up to me at school yesterday with a black and white copy of "Bone Warriors" and asked for my autograph that after I signed, I called my mom. "Hey, I just gave my first autograph." Mom was surprised, too, and had me ask the girl where she got the book. I found out her parents got an ARC (advanced reader copy) because they own a little store. Then Mom showed up at the end of school with a box delivered by UPS and I opened my ARC copies right there in Mr. Taylor's Earth Systems class. More than one person wanted to buy one, but they're for reviews and blogs and things, so they'll just have to wait.
I made some cool looking business cards, too. I'll give you one next time I see you.

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Cindy Beck said...

Hey, way cool ... your first autograph! Have you figured out what you're going to write when you sign?